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From Architecture and Interiors to Fashion and Travel, design touches every aspect of our lives.

Orange County born and raised, Kim Chadwick has had a passion for beautiful spaces at an early age.  In college, she was fortunate to work with one of the area’s leading design firms.  She has been successful in all facets of the design business; from forming solid working relationships with vendors, to understanding the design process from product to installation. Kim’s 25 years of hands-on experience has led to her success in designing beautiful fuctional homes.

Kim has taken on projects involving many of the most luxurious homes in Orange County:

“These projects are exhilarating. They require not only vision and talent but organization.  The hard work and communication between everyone involved is crucial to a project’s success and it is a skill I have worked hard to master.”

Being one of the area’s only designers who is also a licensed Real Estate Agent, Kim is able to help with preparing a home to look its best.  She understands the importance of highlighting a home’s functionality and beauty to capture a timely sale at top market price.  Whether you need a designer’s opinion regarding paint and carpet or need advice regarding more extensive improvements, Kim can organize and oversee what you need to do to sell your home at top dollar.

Homes evolve with current fashion and technology.  Modern design, functional construction and the most up-to-date gadgets are just the beginning.  Simplicity, scale, color, texture and functionality must harmonize. Inviting spaces make the heart and a homeowner happy.

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