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Moving Check List

 1 Month Prior to Move-

– Dedicate a binder or planner for your move. (Suggestions for dividers – To do list, Moving Company Bids, Utility Check List, Receipts, Service/Maintenance People, Contacts and Phone Numbers)

– Change your address with:

  • The Post Office
  • IRS
  • Auto Loans/Lease Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Doctors/Dentists
  • Banks
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Health Clubs

– Hire a moving company, get a few quotes. Be sure they are licensed.

– Order boxes and packing materials, makers etc

– Start cleaning out/organizing your belongings. Conduct a room by room survey to determine what you plan on moving, selling or donating. If you plan on selling items – start now!

– Start packing items not frequently used. Label all your boxes, the more detailed the better

– Get referrals from your current physician for new physicians in the neighborhood in which you are moving (Don’t forget the Veterinarian)

– Set up Utilities for your new home. Some Cable companies could be booked out for weeks. Don’t forget Trash service

– Fill out Utility from for your current home to pass on to the Buyers

2 Weeks Prior to Move-

– Cancel your existing Utilities for the day after you move out

– Set up Service for the new home the day before you move-in

– Cancel Gardener, Pool Service, Exterminator etc

– Make travel arrangements for kids and/or pets

– Arrange for Housekeeper’s to clean the new home prior to move-in, the home you are selling for the day after move-out

– Set appointment for carpets to be cleaned if that’s what was agreed to

– Set up a Locksmith to have the locks in your new home changed, on moving day

1 Week Prior to Move-

– Confirm reservation with the moving company

– Gather important documents and put aside. Take these with you, do not put on the moving truck

– Transfer prescriptions to your new Pharmacy. Pick-up prescriptions you many need during the transition

– Close/Transfer bank accounts (if switching banks), order new checks with your new address

– Send out change of address postcards to family and friends if you choose to do so

– Return any items that don’t belong to you (cable boxes etc)

– Create a “Last box Out – First box in”. These are frequently used items

Day Before Move-

– Have Moving Company paperwork handy

– Have cash ready to tip Movers, buy lunch/drinks for anyone helping with your move, including the movers

– Pack your Day to Day necessities together in one place. (Bedding, towels, TP, basic tools, medications, cleaning supplies, snacks, water) These should go with you not the movers

– Stash small valuables to move yourself or have a friend hold them until the move is complete

After you have Moved-

– Have the home you moved from professionally cleaned, carpets too

– Change your address with the DMV, including car tags and Drivers License

– Exchange keys/remotes with the buyer of your home

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